This document is based on ARC ByLaws, paragraphs 10.04 and 13.01. The Range General Rules may only be changed by the Board of Directors. The Director of Range Safety (DRS) is tasked with the responsibility to enforce these rules. The Director of Range Safety has complete charge of the firing ranges and overseeing their use and safety. The Director of Range Safety is subordinate only to the Austin Rifle Club Board of Directors.
  1. SAFETY FIRST! Every shooter has the personal responsibility to make sure that each bullet fired impacts safely in a backstop or bullet trap. Every Member has a DUTY to report rules violations and unsafe acts.
2. Eye and Ear Protection: All Shooters and guests within 50’ of an outdoors “HOT” firing line are required to wear eye and hearing protection. Hearing protection devices may be either the passive or electronic type. Standard medically prescribed hearing aids are not acceptable hearing protection. 3. Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet when BLACK POWDER is in use by any shooter.
4. The ARC Range Safety Officer, Match Director, or Activity Director in charge of any scheduled activity has complete authority over both shooters and spectators on any or all twelve ranges, Ranges ‘A’ through ‘L’.
5. An ARC Range Safety Officer is required at any shooting activity that is open to the public.
6. All firearms brought to the firing line must be unloaded and cased or unloaded, actions open and muzzles pointed up. The exception to this is pistols carried in a holster. Holstered pistols MUST remain in the holster except on a hot range.  Before anyone goes forward of the firing line, all firearms shall be made safe, firearm actions must be open and the firearm completely unloaded. All firearms must be grounded, tabled, racked, or cased. FIREARMS SHALL NOT BE HANDLED when anyone is forward of the firing line. This rule may be superseded at the discretion of the RSOsupervising that event.
7. All shooting shall be properly aimed, using a sight picture. There shall be no instinct, hip, or fast draw shooting. A pistol may be drawn from a holster and moved into a position where the sights can be properly aimed and fired. Rapid fire is defined as the rate a shooter can fire a firearm while correctly aligning the sights between each shot. This rule strongly supports rule #1.
8. Fully automatic firearms, selective fire firearms, devices that simulate full automatic fire and cannons are prohibited.
9. There shall be no use of intoxicants of any kind on the club range before or during shooting.
10. Use of Austin Rifle Club facilities is limited to members and invited guests for the purpose of recreational shooting only except as otherwise directed by the Board of Directors. Any non-ARC activity, either for profit or non-profit, unless approved by theBOD and scheduled on the ARC calendar by the Director of Business Operations is prohibited. Anyone using the facilities is subject to all Rules of the Club.
11. Each member shall display his or her Membership Badge while on the range. Guests whether shooting or not, shall be registered in the log book, sign a waiver of liability in the range house and wear visitor identification while on the range. All activities are subject to this rule.
12. Individual guests may be invited to shoot at the range no more than two times in a calendar year. This restriction shall not apply to scheduled matches, or to guests who reside more than 100 miles from the Austin Rifle Club range.
13. Members under the age of 18 (Associates or Juniors) and guests of any age may fire on the range only when under the direct supervision of an adult ARC member. No more than three adult guests, or more than two Juniors (12-17), or more than one child under 12, may be shooting at any one time under the supervision of one adult club member. Scheduled matches and classes are not subject to this rule.
14. Children under 18 are not allowed on the Austin Rifle Club range premises unless they are under the direct supervision of an adult who shall be responsible for them and keep them behind the firing line and out of danger zones.
15. Anyone causing any damage to Club equipment or facilities shall be personally and monetarily liable for such damage. The host Member is liable for damage caused by a guest.
16. The Club shall not be responsible for personal property or issued equipment left on the Club premises.
17. The use of incendiary devises and/or tracer ammunition is strictly prohibited on Austin Rifle Club property.
If you do not agree with and/or do not feel that you can comply with these Rules the Austin Rifle Club is not for you. These rules must be followed without exception, not only for your personal safety as a member, but also for the well being of the Club and the sport. It is the responsibility of each member to obey these rules, to enforce them at all times, and to report violations of these rules to a member of the Board of Directors.
Approved by the ARC Board of Directors, February 11, 2013 to become effectively immediately.
Pat Callan
Austin Rifle Club