Renewing your membership is easy. You can renew your membership online here on our web site! It just takes a few minutes and you don't have to mail any paper forms at all. If you still prefer paper forms, fill out the renewal form completely, and mail it with your dues and a signed liability waiver to the address at the top of the form.
Click here to download the Austin Rifle Club membership renewal form
Renew Your Membership ONLINE and pay with a credit card. To use the online renewal system you must have a user ID for the ARC registered users' area. This is your badge number. CLICK HERE and enter your badge number to setup your password. If you do not have a badge registered in the system, please email for further assistance.
All members must renew their membership annually, either online or by filling out an annual renewal form. Even Life Members and members who have paid for extended memberships must still go through the annual renewal process although they may not owe any dues. 
This is required to ensure that we always have current contact information for you. Also, your annual signature/acceptance on the renewal and waiver forms indicates your agreement to abide by the ARC range and safety rules.
If your membership has lapsed for one or more years then you must attend a Range Orientation class before you can turn in your membership renewal form. This is important so that you can have a refresher for our range and safety rules.
Annual membership renewal notices are sent out each year in early October. This provides members with three months to renew their membership before the end of the year. Members who renew before December 31 will have no interruption of the use of their ARC proximity card/badges. On January 1, members who have not renewed their membership will not be able to open the gate with their ARC proximity card/badges and will be denied entry to the range.
There is no 'penalty' for late membership renewal other that denied access to the range until the renewal is turned in. However, we do not prorate dues for late renewals. Members are given the opportunity to renew membership at the Annual Meeting in January as well as the Annual Banquet. Late renewals will have their ARC proximity card/badges reinstated immediately by the Director of Memberships.Note: non-renewed members will not have voting privileges at the annual meeting.
Austin Rifle Club Director of Memberships