There are 7 steps to getting you registered for Austin Rifle Club

STEP 1. Go to the Texas DPS Online background check website.

(You do not have to complete this step if you hold a valid Texas CHL)

  • Go to the Texas DPS site at:
  • Click on ‘Criminal History Conviction Search’
  • Click on ‘Purchase Credits’
  • Click on ‘New User Sign up’
  • Select ‘Criminal History Search’ then ‘Begin’ and follow instructions to purchase 1 credit
  • Note: Select the ‘I am an Individual’ box and use ‘Private Email Address’ Option
  • After setting up your account purchase 1 credit (cost is less than $4.00)
  • Click on ‘Search Individuals’
  • Enter Information as it appears on your driver’s license, and click continue.
  • The system will search and return to you a report of any infractions on your record, or a report which says No Matching Records.
  • Print off this report and bring it with you along with your membership form to Range Orientation class.

STEP 2. Contact an Evaluator for the Personal Safety Evaluation

  • When applying for membership you first need to attend a Prospect Safety Evaluation. Click here for a PDF for how to get arrange a safety evaluation.
  • The signed “Safety Evaluation” must be presented to the instructor at Range Orientations Class or your application will be disqualified.
  • If you do not have the approved form you may reschedule for a later Range Orientation Class.No applications for membership at Range Orientation
  • Class will be accepted without an approved Safety Evaluation Form signed and dated by your prospect Safety Evaluation instructor.

STEP 3. Complete Application and Waiver agreements

  • Please reference the Application by clicking here.  Bring completed application to Orientation Class.

STEP 4. Complete the Range Orientation Class

  • After successfully completing a Prospect Safety Evaluation you must attend a Range Orientation Class held by Austin Rifle Club.
  • This is held on the 1st Sunday of each month at 2pm at the A.R.C. Education Building, and usually takes about 2 ½ hours.
  • Check our online calendar for start time.
  • The Range Orientation Class is where you begin the new member application process.
  • The Education Building has its own gate about 1000 feet (.2 mi) west of the main range gate and up the hill.
  • BRING WITH YOU the completed application, the DPS background check or CHL, your identification.
  • Applicants are exempt from the background check if they possess a valid CHL or are currently a sworn Law Enforcement Officer. Show proof to the Range Orientation Class instructor and he/she will endorse the application. You should obtain this before coming to Range Orientation Class as it hastens the process.

STEP 5. Hand in/Send in your documents

Enclose the background check confirmation from DPS with the application and appropriate dues and leave the package with the Range Orientation Class instructor who will forward the package to the Director of Memberships. If your package is incomplete at the time of the Range Orientation Class, you may mail the completed form and materials to: Austin Rifle Club, Inc. Attn: Membership PO Box 141399 Austin TX 78714-1399

STEP 6. Review by Director of Membership

The application is reviewed by the Director of Memberships for completeness and accuracy. you will be notified of any outstanding requirements and the disposition of your application.

STEP 7. The first 6 Months are probationary

All new members spend their first 6 months in a probationary period. During this period the new member has full use of the range but no voting rights. New members will be on a 6-month probation period. During the probation period, the following conditions apply: The member will be issued a distinctive badge designed to promote close observation with a view towards safe and responsible shooting. During the probation period, any Probationary Members found to be in violation of ARC rules, damaging ARC property, violating Safety policies, or behaving in an abusive or disrespectful manner, is subject to having his/her membership terminated without appeal. Any initiation fees or dues previously paid will not be refunded.